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Cordesville Railroad Bridge

  • Berkeley County, SC
  • Owner:  CSX Corporation
  • Completion Date:  January 2011

Scope of Services:

  • Install and Remove a 350’ x 28’ Crane Access Trestle
  • 30” Ø Steel Pipe Pile Test Program
  • Furnish & Install 16 Steel Pipe Piles 30”Ø for Replacement Railroad Trestle
  • Form & Pour 8 Pier Caps
  • Assemble & Set 8 Spans (280 Tons) of Structural Steel in one 36-Hour Period

Manitowoc 4100 S2 crane was mobilized to the site and immediately installed the work trestle; the 30”Ø steel pipe piles 116’ long were driven 100’ into the ground directly adjacent to the existing train trestle; dirt inside the piles was removed a minimum of 37’; rebar cages were placed inside and the piles were poured solid with concrete. Pier caps were formed and poured with 4000 psi concrete underneath the existing railroad trestle (in use). After all the caps were cured, bearings were set, and a 36-hour shutdown was initiated to remove the existing trestle and set the eight spans of new structural steel.  Cape Romain employed multiple crews to beat the deadline. All work was coordinated with a full time CSX flagger to keep our workers and CSX’s trains safe.


CSX Transportation Inc.
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Cape Romain completed project

Cape Romain completed project