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Plantation Harbor

  • Owner:  Paradise Basin of S.C.
  • Construction Cost: $584,000
  • Completion Date:  April 2010

Scope of Services:

  • Install 2,320 SY of Thickened Drainage Fabric Along Existing Timber Bulkhead
  • Install 6,700 SY of Separation Geotextile Along Existing Bulkhead and Excavated Foundation
  • Backfill 1,007 CY of #4 Stone to Form Supporting Wedge Against Existing Bulkhead
  • Place 2,542 CY of Rip Rap Stone Protection Along Perimeter of Existing Bulkhead

This project was contracted to protect an aging existing bulkhead that had begun to fail and allow soil to leach out causing sinkholes in homeowner’s yards. Thickened drainage fabric was nailed to the existing timber bulkhead so that any leaking water would be able to escape. Geotextile separation fabric was then laid down over the entire stone footprint (one 100’ section at a time), and #4 stone was placed to form a wedge against the bulkhead. Larger rip rap was then placed to form a protective cap over the smaller stone for the final product. The total protected perimeter measured 1875’.


Paradise Basin of S.C.
2411 Oak Street, Suite 101
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Cape Romain completed project