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Poston CSX Trestle Pile

  • Owner: CSX Corporation
  • Completion Date: In Progress 

Scope of Services:

  • 30” Ø Steel Pipe Pile Test Program
  • Furnish & Install 28 Steel Pipe Piles for Replacement Railroad Trestle

Trestle pile for CSX Corp.: A graded stone roadway was built to gain access to the project site and a timber mat road for crane access was built; an American 9299 crane was mobilized to the site; the 30"Ø steel pipe piles 80' long were driven 60' into the ground directly adjacent to the existing train trestle; dirt inside the piles was removed a minimum of 30'; rebar cages were placed inside and the piles were poured solid with concrete. All work was coordinated with a full time CSX flagger to keep our workers and CSX's trains safe.


CSX Transportation Inc.
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202



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