The Cape Romain Contractors Story

Get to Know Our History

The First of Its Kind

In 1946, Andrew “Binks” DuPre and his brother James H. DuPre founded Cape Romain Contractors, Inc. in Wando, South Carolina. They established a company that aims to provide complete biological, topographical, and ecological services that support the development of fish and duck ponds and promote conservation practices in all kinds of wildlife.

Andrew had been the long-time manager of the Cape Romain and Bulls Island National Wildlife Refuges, while James was a graduate of Civil Engineering in The Citadel. The company they built together was believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

In the coming decades, Cape Romain Contractors gradually shifted toward construction rather than ecology. In 1979, Binks DuPre passed away. His son, Anthony “Tin” DuPre, who had grown up in the business, took the helm and expanded the already reputable company into greater heights. This solidified their reputation for being an honest, hard-working, and dependable company.

Our founders forged a reputation for our organization as an honest, hardworking, and dependable company.

Recent Years

Anthony “Sonny” DuPre Jr. became president in 2002 and served in that position until 2015. His brother, Andrew G. DuPre, then succeeded him in 2017 and Sonny retired.

Cape Romain Contractors, Inc. is currently being managed by Andrew DuPre, Clifton Hough, Eric Greg Tuttle, and Jordan Houston. They have more than 120 combined years of marine and bridge construction experience.

Cape Romain Contractors still maintains the honorable reputation that was forged by its founders. We have never failed to deliver on a contract successfully and efficiently.