Bohicket Marina Dropwell Pier

A Notable Project

Project Description

Bohicket Creek Investors LLC & Bohicket Yacht Club Council of Co-Owners, Inc. contracted with Cape Romain Contractors as low bidder for the Bohicket Dropwell Pier Replacement. We were enlisted to provide the above scope of work engineered by Stantec, Inc. to upgrade the capability of the obsolete existing dropwell pier structure.

Scope of Services

  • Build temporary raised access to existing floating docks
  • Demolish existing 73’ 9-¼” x 24’ timber dropwell pier
  • Remove 30 each 10” square concrete piles
  • Install 38 each 20” square prestressed concrete piles
  • Install 17 epoxy coated NZ 14 sheet piles full width at top of bank interface
  • Place Class B rip rap to stabilize the existing bank
  • Form, install rebar, and pour 73’ 9-¼” x 45’ concrete deck slab 21” -24” thick with 5,000 psi concrete
  • Grade and pour approach & building apron slabs 
  • Remove temporary access