Folly Beach Fishing Pier

A Notable Project

Project Description

Cape Romain Contractors was awarded the Folly Beach Pier Reconstruction Project in 2020. CRC mobilized to the project site in October of 2020. The contract consists of the demolition of the existing timber pier and the reconstruction of the new concrete pier.

Also in the contract are some improvements to the pier building area, including new showers and changing stations, and a new roof. The new pier consists of 18” square precast concrete piles, precast pile caps, post-tensioned concrete beams, and timber deck panels.

The ‘apron’ of the pier was demolished and rebuilt first in order for the gift shop to reopen by Spring of 2021. Installation of a temporary crane trestle and demolition of the remainder of the pier was completed in August of 2021. CRC is building the diamond pierhead and working toward shore with the remainder of the pier construction, which is expected to be complete in Spring of 2023. 

Scope of Services

  • Demolition of existing timber fishing pier
  • Installation of temporary construction trestle
  • Installation of 234 -18 inch square prestressed concrete piles
  • 38 bents of precast concrete caps
  • Steel framed gazebo and cupola 
  • Timber decking and handrails