SCSPA Wando Wharf Repairs & Improvements

A Notable Project

Project Description

The South Carolina State Ports Authority contracted with Cape Romain to repair and upgrade the Wando Welch Wharf facility in Mount Pleasant, SC. The wharf is 3,800′ long by 143′ wide and was upgraded to handle the new larger cranes that SCSPA purchased to offload the much larger “Post-Panamax” ships that now traverse the widened Panama Canal. A 16′ wide trough was demolished at each crane rail to allow 24-inch and 18-inch pre-stressed piles to be added directly below the stronger cap beams and new rails that the cranes now roll on. The trough and caps were stiffened with abundant additional reinforcing steel to disperse the heavier loads. New heavy fenders and bollards were also part of the upgrades. PB is the design Engineer of Record.

Scope of Services

  • Repairs to piles, pile caps and concrete deck structure
  • Replacement and strengthening of Ship to Shore crane rails and supporting substructure elements
  • Driving of steel tipped concrete piles
  • Replacement of Fender System and mooring bollards
  • Repairs to expansion joints
  • Installation of Ship to Shore container crane pin sockets and tie-downs
  • Upgrades to the electrical system, installation of fiber optic communications