Shem Creek Park Phase III

A Notable Project

Project Description

Cape Romain performed demolition and removal of portions of existing timber walkways for making connections to the new structure including removal of the existing shed structure located at Table & Tavern. Crews installed new timber and concrete piles, cast in place concrete beams and precast concrete pile caps, and constructed a new timber boardwalk. Carpenters constructed a new shade structure over top of a new timber boardwalk with decorative lighting.

This project also included the construction of new park area to include demolition of asphalt and landscaping, grading, installation of signage, installation of curbing, timber decking, brick pavers, planters, and landscaping at the pocket park.

Scope of Services

The Shem Creek Park – Phase III is a pedestrian overpass and pocket park project that started on Feb. 3, 2019. The bridge is located over Shem Creek parallel to Coleman Boulevard totaling 270’. This bridge provides safe pedestrian travel from one side of the creek to the other and enhances public access to the creek. Though the main pedestrian bridge is precast concrete, the walking surface is treated wood. Over the main span of the pedestrian bridge there is a “curvilinear” section for an observation area. This area steps out 3’ wider than the approaches to the main span. Decorative railing was used, which doesn’t block any observation of the waterway. There is now a 30’ covered bridge area that provides shade on those hot summer days we have here in the Lowcountry. The Pocket Park part of the project lies between Red’s Icehouse and RB’s. This area now has pavers, decking, lighting, rocking chairs and planter seating.